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Aaron McClung

CEO | AM Agency

Alan Robertson

Co-Host | Unashamed Podcast

Alex Kendrick

Writer, Director, Actor, Author | Kendrick Brothers

Allie Stuckey

Podcast Host, Relatable | BlazeTV

Ash Greyson

Co-Founder | Called Higher Studios

Becca Spradlin

Founder | On Mission

Billy Hallowell


Bob Pritchett

CEO | Faithlife

Brad Dacus Esq.

President and Founder | Pacific Justice Institute

Brad Pelo

Chief Distribution Officer | Angel Studios

Brett Larson

General Manager | Crawford Media Group

Bryce Johnson

President & Host | UNPACKIN' it Ministries

Carl Barnhill

Creative Director/Owner | Twelve:Thirty Media

Casey Helmick

Chief Strategist | Dunham and Company

Catherine Clinch

TV Writer/Producer and Micro-Content Creator | Clinch Digital Media

Chad Williams

CEO | Five Q

Charles Morris

President of Haven Ministries and voice of Haven Today | Haven Ministries

Christopher Brooks

Senior Pastor | Woodside Bible Church

Clint Lewis

Communications Director | Gateway Church

Craig Denison

CEO | Denison Ministries

Dallas Jenkins

Creator | The Chosen

Daniel Darling

Senior VP of Communications | NRB

David Closson

Director of Christian Ethics and Biblical Worldview | Family Research Council

David D. Oxenford

Partner | Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP

David French

Senior Editor | The Dispatch

Dennis Quaid

Actor/Musician | REAGAN

Derral Eves

Executive Producer | The Chosen

Dr. Jennifer Hayden Epperson

Executive Director | Kinship Radio Network

Dr. Jerry C. Davis

President | College of the Ozarks

Dr. Jim Denison

Co-founder and Chief Vision Officer of the Denison Forum | Denison Forum is part of Denison Ministries

Dr. Mark DeYmaz

Directional Leader / President/Co-Founder | Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas / Mosaix Global Network

Dr. Os Guinness


Dr. Richard Blackaby

President | Blackaby Ministries International

Dr. Ron Cline

Global Ambassador | Reach Beyond

Dr. Ted Baehr

Chairman | Good News Communications

Elias Dummer

Recording Artist | c/o Turning Point Media Relations, Inc.

Elizabeth Sheard

Music Licensing Manager | NRB Music License Committee and Salem Media Group

Erik Reed

Pastor | The Journey Church

Gary Zelasko

President | Lasting City Marketing

Jack Phillips

Owner | Masterpiece Cakeshop

Jackelyn Viera Iloff

Producer, Author, and Senior Advisor | Lakewood Church / Joel Osteen Ministries

Jared Geesey

Principal | Geesey Group

Jase Robertson

Co-Host | Unashamed Podcast

Jason Brown

CEO | Called Higher Studios, Inc

Jason Romano

Host/Producer/Author | Sports Spectrum

Jeremy Carroll

Director of Creative Content | Movieguide®

Jim Hutchison

Chief Marketing Officer | Amazing Industries

Joel Rosenberg

Editor in Chief | ALL ISRAEL NEWS

Joseph Battaglia

Joseph Chautin III

Managing Partner | Hardy, Carey, Chautin & Balkin, LLP

Joshua Aaron

Music Artist | Worship in Israel

Joshua Weiss Ph.D. ABD.

Co-Founder & CEO | ARK Multicasting, Inc.

Karyn K. Ablin

Partner/Member | Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC

Kathleen Cooke

Co-Founder and EVP | Cooke Media Group and The Influence Lab

Kelly Shackelford

President & CEO | First Liberty Institute

Ken Starr

Of Counsel, The Lanier Law Firm

Kristen Waggoner

General Counsel | Alliance Defending Freedom

Lila Rose

Founder and President | Live Action

Mark Jobe

President | Moody Bible Institute

Mark Joseph

Producer | MJM Entertainment Group/Reagan film

Mark Levy CRME

President | Revenue Development Resources, Inc.

Mark Loux

Vice President of Strategy | ResourceOne Fundraising Group

Matt Birnie

Enterprise Architect | Trans World Radio

Matt Brown

Evangelist | Think Eternity

Matt Wood

Vice President of Marketing | RightNow Media

Michael Shelley

Vice President and General Manager | NewLife Radio

Michael Van Dyck

Founder | Inspired Entertainment

Mike Pompeo

Former U.S. Secretary of State

Mike Smith

General Manager | DonorDirect

Nevin (Nev) W. Larson

Director: C.B.C. Christian Programming | Crawford Broadcasting Company

Nils Smith

Chief Strategist Social Media + Innovation | Dunham and Company

Pastor Nat Crawford

Bible Teacher & President | Back to the Bible

Paul Lauer

CEO | Motive Entertainment; CEO | FaithX

Paula Faris

Emmy Award Winning Journalist | ABC News

Phil Cooke

Founder-CEO | Cooke Media Group

Phil Robertson

Co-Host | Unashamed Podcast

Rita El-Mounayer

CEO | Sat 7

Rob Kirkpatrick

Executive Producer | Focus on the Family

Scott Hunter

Executive Director | NRBMLC

Sean Cagney

CEO and Founder | Amazing Industries, Inc.


Recording Artist

Star Parker

Founder and President | CURE

Steve Cordon

Marketing and Media Expert, Entrepreneur, Christian Minister and Songwriter

Suzanne Boase Honeycutt

Director, Community Relations | KSBJ/Hope Media Group

Tara-Leigh Cobble

CEO | D-Group

The Erwins

Recording artist | Stowtown Records

Tia Bowen

Director of Digital | Strategy Gateway Church

Tim Kachuriak

Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer | NextAfter

Tim Mahoney

President | Thinking Man Films
Tony Evans

Tony Evans

President | The Urban Alternative

Tony Reinke

Senior Teacher | Desiring God

Trey Van Camp

Church Planter | Passion Creek Church

Trillia Newbell

Author and Speaker

Zach Dasher

CEO | Tread Lively Entertainment, Tread Lively Entertainment & Restoration Productions