Members of the Press/News Media

NRB provides special registration for members of the working news media or those on assignment for news publications, programs, websites, or other news media that are generally recognized, and regularly distributed or disseminated, where the sole purpose of registration and attendance is for legitimate news coverage of the Convention.

To receive the Press & Media application forms, email

Review and processing of application forms and credentials may take up to 14 days. Members of the press and media are encouraged to apply before June 7, 2021 to expedite access at the time of the Convention. Those who submit application forms and/or credentials after June 7, 2021 should be prepared to present them on site and may experience wait times.

Press Conference Reservation

NRB provides a space at the NRB Christian Media Convention and accommodates for NRB members and Convention exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers to hold a free 30-minute press conference ($250 for others). The space is available on a limited basis; is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis; and accommodates up to 50 people. The space (in Grapevine 4) includes a head table with three table microphones, a podium with a microphone, an aisle microphone, and a multi-box. For additional audio/visual equipment or services, email for options.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the group holding the press conference to invite press to their event. A list of registered press will be sent to all groups holding press conferences. NRB cannot guarantee the number of press who may register and attend NRB 2021 or your press conference.

To reserve the press conference space, please reach out to Elizabeth Bristow at NRB will review all requests, which are subject to approval based upon quality, content, and technical standards. NRB must approve all press conferences before they will be scheduled.