Lodging Suite

What is a Lodging Suite?
• They are suite parlors in the sleeping room portion of the hotel.
• They come in a variety of sizes and styles.
• These furnished private parlors can be used to hold meetings, display products, host small screenings, entertain clients, conduct interviews, etc.

What is the fee for the space? 
• The nightly rate plus tax for the lodging suite of your choice will be paid directly to the hotel for the number of nights it is reserved.
• In additional to the nightly rate paid to the hotel, there is a fee to NRB for the use of this space.
• The fee to NRB is based on your level of company membership.

Full Company Member – $2,100
Associate Company Member – $2,400
Non-Member – $3,000

How do I reserve a Lodging Suite?
• Communicate your desire to reserve a Lodging Suite to Beth Wakefield at bwakefield@nrb.org.
• Sign the NRB affiliate agreement.
• Submit payment for the fee to NRB once you receive the invoice.
• Once the payment has been made to NRB, you will receive an email containing the reservation manager’s contact information.
• Please make the actual reservation for the lodging suite based on the remaining options with the assigned hotel reservations manager within five days of receiving the email.

What else do I need to know? 
• Furniture cannot be removed from these rooms.
• Food and beverage must be purchased through the hotel.
• Floor plans of available suites can be requested along with the nightly rates for each.
• You are responsible for shipping any items needed for your space.

Who do I contact for more information? 
• Contact Beth Wakefield for more information at bwakefield@nrb.org.