Renaissance Women Productions announces new series, “ Daily Bread”, to be released in 2017


January 6, 2017

Renaissance Women Productions announces new series, Daily Bread, to be released in 2017

Logline: Seven millennial women, armed with cookbooks and guns, after the world is darkened by a solar flare, choose to not just survive, but thrive as they work to rebuild civilization.

dailybreadlogonrb-200After a solar flare strands 7 millennial women on a farm while shooting a cooking show, they decide to thrive as they work to rebuild civilization, not just survive like others around them.

This faith based, post apocalyptic drama shows a generation, that is tethered to their devices, who are now forced to accept a new reality they have never experienced.

Armed with nothing but cookbooks and guns, they must learn to work together, do what it takes to survive but agree that that is not enough.

Shot entirely in rural Virginia,this new TV series is thought provoking and compelling as three sisters, and the four other women on the cooking show, are forced to see each other for the first time although they have worked together for a couple of years.

Tiffany, the oldest, is the star of the cooking show and is the “Martha Stewart” of the three while Nora, the middle sister is no-nonsense, addicted to her computer games and is much more of a “Sarah Connor” type. The younger sister, Sophie, is the wisdom and balance between the two of them and narrates the story.

While Nora was the gopher in the TV show, responsible only for moving and lifting their equipment, in this post apocalyptic world, her knowledge of guns and military maneuvers, she learned playing video games, serves to help save the day.

By the end of the second episode, their numbers grow to 18 and they must get systems in place, determine everyone’s strength, weakness, and what marketable skills they can bring to the group.

The seven millennial women, and all the other actors, were cast from the Washington Metropolitan area through Renaissance Foundation and the project Renaissance Women Productions. The purpose is to find good, undiscovered talent and give them an opportunity to star in either full length features, documentaries, shorts or TV series like Daily Bread. The creator and writer, Nina May says, “It’s the same concept as “American Idol” for singers or “So You Think You Can Dance” for dancers. Our project gives actors a chance to display their skills in a production in front of and behind the cameras.”

The first season is shot and in post production. Nina May says, “The girls have had a chance to bond and have totally become their characters. They are a delight to work with.” She knows that this project will help launch all of their careers in film.

The crew is professional, but is shadowed by film students who want the opportunity to work with a real film crew apart from their school assignments. They are free to ask questions and encouraged to learn every aspect of film production on a project that will help launch their careers in the industry.

To learn more about the series, the actors, the purpose, the themes and obstacles contact us, or go to

Renaissance Women
Contact: Skip Lipman

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