Online Evangelism Platform ‘yesHEis’ Now in U.S.


Online Evangelism Platform ‘yesHEis’ Now in U.S.

Part of effort by UK-based CV Global to reach 1 billion people with the gospel message

yesheisQUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, Mar. 6, 2015– Making its North American debut as title sponsor of the annual National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, last week, U.K.-based ministry CV has launched its free online evangelism platform yesHEis in the U.S.

yesHEis is a free tool to help Christians share Jesus online by connecting the best, most ‘sharable’ content with an engaging presentation of the Gospel, providing an opportunity for the viewer to become a follower of Jesus.

Lord Robert Edmiston, founder of CV Global, shared his vision for yesHEis as part of the Digital Media Summit during the NRB convention. “Imagine if tomorrow every Christian in the world shared their faith with just one other person – it would change the world!” he said. “That’s what yesHEis makes possible, and we want to gift this resource to the Church to use where people are gathering – online in social networks and virtual communities.”

As a social content aggregator, yesHEis makes it easy for Christians who are online to begin conversations and discussions about their faith through videos and other content ranging from light, introductory topics to deep theological issues. To-date, the platform’s use in the U.S. and other nations has resulted in more than 261,000 people sharing their faith online, 10 million views and 29,000 responses.

“As followers of Jesus we have no alternative but to share the Gospel by all means possible; evangelism isn’t optional,” Lord Edmiston said, explaining the purpose of the ministry. “Our desire is to make it as easy as possible for Christians to do so, and to help build the local Church in the process.”

A new facet of the app and website is that users who register as members of a local church will have the opportunity to be connected with individuals in their area who want to respond to the Gospel and take the conversation offline to in-person. They will be referred back to these local churches for follow-up and discipleship, putting them on the path for spiritual growth in their newfound Christian faith.

Mentioning yesHEis’ existing presence in 12 different countries and 8 languages, yesHEis manager Nathan Spicer expressed his excitement about launching in North America. “Even though we haven’t had a physical presence here, the internet is global so we’ve already seen a groundswell of things happening here in America,” Spicer said. “We recognize the global nature of American influence and look forward to our partnership with the American Church to achieve to Great Commission God has given to us.”

U.S. director Nick Runyon emphasized the ministry’s focus on building the local church as individuals are introduced to Christ through the app. “We are excited about the opportunity for growth in U.S. churches as their members begin using yesHEis,” Runyon said. “There are churches across the country of every size where members are already sharing their faith in the community. yesHEis equips them to do that in an online context, and the smart technology we are using will bring those individuals right back into that church or congregation.”

Since its founding in the U.K. 26 years ago, CV has grown to include teams in 22 countries. CV’s media strategies are part of its “Touch-a-Billion” emphasis,which uses the most effective media platforms to introduce individuals to Jesus in the world’s major languages. The goal is to reach 1 billion people around the world with a clear presentation of the Gospel message and an opportunity to make a decision for Christ.

Another component of CV’s ministry is its “Impact-a-Nation” projects, which operate ‘on the ground’ on a national scale in areas and times of particular opportunity. CV equips indigenous national church leaders with strategies and tools for evangelism and discipleship. Their goal is to build sustainable models in church leadership programs and planting projects such that local Christians are empowered to build Christian faith from the ground up.

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